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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Words of a Warrior (America's Political Prisoner)

An Eagle's Cry
Listen to me!
I am the Indian voice.
Hear me crying out of the wind,
Hear me crying out of the silence.
I am the Indian voice.
Listen to me!
I speak for our ancestors.
They cry out to you from the unstill grave.
I speak for the children yet unborn.
They cry out to you from the unspoken silence.
I am the Indian voice.
Listen to me!
I am a chorus of millions.
Hear us !
Our eagle's cry will not be stilled !
We are your own conscience calling to you.
We are you yourself
crying unheard within you.
Let my unheard voice be heard.
Let me speak in my heart and the words be heard
whispering on the wind to millions,
to all who care,
to all with ears to hear
and hearts to beat as onewith mine.
Put your ear to the earth,
and hear my heart beating there.
Put your ear to the wind
and hear me speaking there.
We are the voice of the earth,of the future,
of the Mystery.
Hear us!

Monday, September 01, 2008


Leonard Peltier's extraordinary PRISON WRITINGS: MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE
Now Being Professionally staged - inquiries to

Available at

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
38 of 48 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Whether or not you believe . . ., March 10, 2001
By Elderbear (Loma Linda, Aztlan) - See all my reviews

Whether or not you believe that Leonard Peltier really murdered two FBI
agents in cold blood, you must read this book. The United States imprisons
more people, *and* more people per capita, than any other nation in the
world! Leonard's poignant book gives the reader a feel for *one* story of
life behind bars. Not a journal or a story, per se, but a series of
reflections, of meditations, of poems about life as a prisoner, life as a
*political* prisoner in the Land of the Free.

You, who read this, with access to a personal computer, cannot begin to
wrap your life around the experience of being caged. Of having every
aspect of your life regulated. You, who grew up white, privileged, cannot
wrap your mind around the experience of being beaten up simply because you
spoke your native language. You, who grew up on land you "owned," have
insulated yourself from imagining the pain of having your people
destroyed, your culture outlawed, and your identity trampled into the mud.

So don't buy this book. Your will be able to continue your life
comfortably. You'll be able to proceed with that warm fuzzy feeling that
things are OK with the world, and that even if agent Fox Mulder has died,
the FBI is really on *your* side.

Don't buy this book. You don't want to begin to feel what Leonard feels,
caged in Leavenworth. Don't buy this book, it's easier to pretend that
*those* people deserve to be locked up, that *those* people are animals,
that the *justice* system really works most of the time. Don't buy this
book, you don't want to have any inkling about what it feels like when
justice miscarries.

Leonard Peltier wasn't (Mark) Rich enough for a Clinton pardon. He has
exhausted his legal appeals. Prison Writings tells you what he will
probably experience until he dies in Leavenworth. Since he's been
sentenced to two consecutive life terms plus seven years, he wonders, will
they keep his body in jail after he dies to get that second term?

Enough polemics. The book briefly recounts Leonard's history, the story of
the shooting at Pine Ridge, and his trial. It intersperses his poetry with
stories. His anger comes across loud and clear. There's a chapter about
the massacre at Wounded Knee. I can't read that chapter without the tears
rolling down my face. 300 women and children, surrounded by U. S. Cavalry,
mowed down with cannon fire & gatling guns. 20 Congressional Medals of
Honor were awarded for this atrocity.

Leonard doesn't pull any punches. He conveys, quite effectively, that we
live in a land where systematic genocide and ethnic cleansing have nearly
destroyed the indigenous people and enabled *us* to benefit greatly. While
we look down our noses at the Nazi holocaust, we ignore the American
holocaust. I wonder, is it any more *wrong* to lather your body with Jew
soap, or to build your home on land soaked with the blood of the people
who came before you?

Much easier to point our fingers at the Nazis and to smugly feel that we'd
never participate in anything so horrible.

If you're looking for a book with more details about the Pine Ridge
shootings and AIM, Peter Matthiessen's In the Spirit of Crazy Horse is a
great source. The video, Incident at Oglala, provides an extremely biased
presentation of Leonard's story....


29 of 32 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars The Spirits Cry Through His Writings, September 4, 2001
By "ducksquat" (Pearland, TX United States) - See all my reviews
"Prison Writings", by Leonard Peltier, is quite an eye-opener. This
political prisoner maintains his innocence and demonstrates it through his
heart and compassion. At times, each chapter appears to be a stream of
consciousness dependent on his mood (he wrote it in prison where he still
remains), but he always evaluated his mood and came back full circle and
has come to terms that he may never leave but that his hope in humanity
might help lift him and thousands of others wrongfully imprisoned.

His words have compelled me to do further research and there are many
related books, articles and even a documentary film by Robert Redford
titled "Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story". I encourage
everyone to read it and watch the film available through rental or

Whether you believe in his innocence or not is not the point. The point is
that our current system remains flawed despite the cold hearts that are
too scared to take a serious look into their conscience.

Leonard Peltier has definitely changed my once hardened heart. I am still
a cynic and angry often, but thinking about his struggles through unfair
justice keeps me focused. It is an easy read if you don't mind the harsh
realities of our justice system, or lack thereof!

"Mitakuye Oyasin!" Learn this meaning from his book - it will serve you
well in your life.


PRISON WRITINGS by US Political Prisoner #89637-132
Available at


A Blonde goes over to her friend's house wearing a TGIF. tee-shirt.
Why are you wearing a Thank God It's Friday tee-shirt on Monday?

Oh crap! the blonde says. I didn't realize it was a religious T-shirt. I thought it meant Tits Go In Front.


Looks Good, right???


We were raised on HERSHEY chocolate as kids and even into adulthood. I will never eat it again. I hope from now on you will throw yours away whenever you are given any . It seems as though nothing is safe to eat anymore.

This is what happens when you eat HERSHEY chocolate!

It could happen to you, your family and friends!!

HERSHEY Chocolate can cause SMALL FEET !!

Friday, July 11, 2008

[Memoirs of a Troll] Disgruntled Lifer

Speaking strictly from a bias position, in which at this point that's the only the position that absolutely matters in this regard, but no one has felt the dwindling and spaz-matic economic wrath as much as I have with everything that our family wanted to do.

At a time last year where we had hoped to predict that we would have sold our house and moved out of the flaccid appendage of a state known as Florida, we set our sights on being further out West ... and yet here we are am replacing failing house necessities, like drain fields which sang to the tune of 2.5k, and our air conditioners air handler (the inside unit) following up the chorus and costing us 1.5k.

Two weeks ago we had two of our cats die, one from an embolism which I feel stemmed from the surgery I paid 3k for him to have his leg fixed (somehow he had miraculously dislocated his elbow, and yet the surgeon had the audacity to talk with us about euthanizing him rather than fixing the problem by commenting to me "It's just a cat!"), and the other was the four week kitten we rescued who later died at only 5 weeks old. Some people say that little Chiana (see No-Name Has Come!) was destined to die, and that we prolonged her health long enough to have been part of her life journey. At that time, those words sure as hell wasn't comforting to us at all, and I really wish I could make the surgeons pay mercilessly for the mistake that I believe ended my four year relationship with T.J.

In an attempt to put our house on the selling market and still feel that we have control over it, we are in the process of finishing our payments to Buy Owner, cost us over 3k just to get our house listed with their service and the off-the-record 'promise' that our house could sell within 7 months, but should go within 3-4.

That hasn't happened either, what the hell did I pay for; pictures and a 3D tour to be displayed online and in their catalog?

I feel that the gods have chosen to test me once again with their persistent denial of allowing me an opportunity to have a renewed life with people I now consider to be my family and who actually want to have me around and claim with honesty that they love me.

Living our daily lives is like living in isolation, like being a patron member of the now-defunct but ever infamous Alcatraz prison. We can live, but we cannot go beyond the boundaries that it defines.

So we've decided to try to take this opportunity to make a bad situation (i.e., the 'economic slow-down') into a good one. We opened a home equity loan so that we can attempt to do our own debt consolidation. In hopes that when our house sells that we can walk away with a bigger chunk of the profit and not hand it directly over to the corporate pirates and rapists known as Visa and Master Card, et el.

We want to revamp our home and do some 'upgrades' in hopes to make it more attractable to buyers, while in the same regard the more we spend on that, the higher our selling price will reflect. So we live and wait for our lives to take a turn for the better, just so we can get an opportunity to laugh once again with family, and interact with people who really value our life and how we live it.

To hell with everything and anyone else, it's survival of the fittest!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


~*~To All Indigenous Nations & Peoples & Supporters~*~ ~*~Elders Gathering for One Nation Vision~*~
From Tony P:
First: All: She:kon: Please note and pass along that the GreenbeltCampsite (all 174 campsites there) are reserved for July 8 & 9 for TheLongest Walkers (us). No shortage of room. i will report on local lodgingsfor those requiring room service (you know who you are - ha ha). Below, ipass along, first, an e-mail forwarded by Harvey Arden (google his name andyou will see that he is a true champion for the red road) to his enormouse-mail list worldwide. Second, an e-mail from Iron Thunderhorse which isself-explanatory and my heartfelt reply to his. Amazing how the Creatoroperates!
*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+> ~PLEASE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE WORLDWIDE~*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>*<+>

Declaration of Principles Written by: Edna (Grandma) Gordon, Seneca Hawk Elder
To overcome the Cultural Barriers of Divided Nations, aDeclaration of Principles within Yourself, The Youth, and All Races ofMankind is to keep the Sacred Fires of our Ancestors burning for FutureGenerations to learn the Wisdom Knowledge of the Elders. Bless your SacredFires to Gather in Unity for Inspiration, Harmony, Cultural Exchange,Identity and Respect for One's Heritage. Spread Your Wings in Balance likethe Butterfly, the Bird, the Hawk, and the Eagle to scale the Heights ofYour Creative, Potential Self to Light the Spiritual Fires Within. Thereare some things in Life that you Cannot Change, the Eternal things.
The Vision
First, let it be known that the "vision" set forth herein iswritten by humble humans, with no direct knowledge of what the Creator mayhave in store. It is not a "plan" and is not even a "blueprint." It issimply and humbly the best guess of the direction in which The One Nation isto take to assist each of us individually and as part of The One Nation totake all the appropriate actions and steps in this material realm to bringabout the changes required by the Creator, as assisted by the Ancestors andthe multitude of "helpers," whose assistance is acknowledged and to whom wegive our Great Thanks! This Statement has been reviewed by as many of theElders involved as possible so as to assure its credibility and veracity aswe move forward on this journey, as we participate in this "happening."
It was suggested that this journey be referred to as a"happening," rather than any other name, such as "movement." This, becausethere are many movements in various walks of life, from lofty goals such ascivil rights (race, gender and religion), to even more mundane movementssuch as a grassroots political party. This is not to detract from theimportance of these "movements," but to simply state that what we haveundertaken has been long-awaited and has far-reaching consequences that evenwe cannot anticipate or contemplate, a "happening."
We cannot talk about the vision without reference to itsessential roots, The Prophesies. Each Nation involved, through its Elders,has expressed the sense that what we are engaged in is somehow associatedwith the Promise made by the Creator to all "true humans" in "the beginning"to bring about, at the appropriate point in time, a world in which ourspirits will be freed to live in accordance with the Instructions from theCreator, with generosity to others, sharing what we have, courageousness,peace (both inner and external) and harmony, best expressed in the"Declaration of Principles" first written above. It is up to each of us todetermine whether we want to continue along the path of greed, lies,deception, illusion, isolation, fear, anger, violence and hatred, or whetherwe will "walk through the door" that has now been opened to us. We haveheard it said that many have lost their connection to Mother Earth and havebeen overtaken by the materialistic societies that surround us. We haveheard it said that by losing that connection, we have lost our connection tothe spiritual. Therefore, we have heard it said that in order to regainthat connection for each of us and for all true humans and the children yetto come, we must re-establish that connection. Everyone has a different wayof expressing these thoughts, but most acknowledge that these thoughts aretrue. We can call the Nameless One, the creator of all, the Creator orGreat Spirit or The Great Reality or The Great Mystery (or however else youhave been taught to make reference and pay homage). We can subscribe to thetraditional teachings of our Ancestors or to the teachings of Jesus orBuddha or Jehovah or any other spiritual body of principles, but there isonly one Great Reality of which we are all a part and we can each agree thatthe time has come.
Our Mother Earth is under attack as never before. The signs areclear to us that the time for unification of all indigenous Nations is here.We acknowledge that all peoples of Mother Earth are indigenous to somewhere,that the fortunate few Nations that have made it through the onslaught ofthe so-called "civilized world" are the ones that have been selected to jointogether and to assist all others to regain their indigenous cultures thatwere taken from them long ago, some at the hands of the Byzantine Empire,some at the hands of the Roman Empire, some at the hands of the ImperialChinese or Japanese Empires or , as now, at the hands of the colonizingempires. One thing is clear. The culture of each of these indigenouspeoples, including their languages and ceremonies, was stolen from them andmust be returned. We know this because our Nations were under the sameattack by the same forces, with different names and faces, but coming fromthe same dark source. The attacks indeed continue to this day, althoughmore subtle and devious than outright massacre as practiced in the past.
This is where we are. As all of us know, on September 13,2007, the United Nations' General Assembly approved the United Nations'Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous Peoples (the "UN Declaration").Although this UN Declaration, importantly, recognizes the right of ourNations to seek self-determination, it does not, in and of itself, take thenext step to advance the cause of Indigenous Sovereign Nations around theworld. The One Nation IS that next step, the necessary next step to lead usforward into our future and the future of the succeeding generations.
Humbly, we agreed on March 30, 2008, at a seminal conferencecall, that the Algonquin Nation would "light the torch" of The One Nation bysigning the Declaration on April 20, 2008, the first Full Moon of theSpring. This was done and other Nations have since signed and will continueto do so. The sense of the Elders present at the signing was that apowerful "door" or "portal" had been opened through which all may walk bysigning the Declaration. Otherwise, the next major gathering for thepurpose of signing is currently scheduled to take place on July 11, 2008, inWashington, D.C., at the conclusion of The Longest Walk, when many Eldersand Nations will be present. It is hoped that the Dalai Lama will also bepresent for this sacred event (not known whether Tibet might sign). TheAustralian and New Zealand Sovereign Indigenous Nations will begin toeffectuate their own signing across their sacred lands at their sacred"Dreamtime" sites on August 11, 2008. The torch will be passed across TheAustralian and New Zealand Continent at that time. This signing may take acouple of months to be accomplished, but it will be accomplished.Thereafter, or at the same time, it is anticipated that other Nations fromother continents will also sign. It is believed that, as more Nations sign,and as the "word" circulates Elder to Elder, Nation to Nation, eventuallyall Nations that were supposed to sign, will sign.
As said above, there are many peoples whose culture wasstolen and procedures will need to be set in place at the appropriate timeto return to these peoples their culture and their "Nationhood," so thatthese Nations, then newly declared as such, may join the One Nation. At thesame time, or thereafter, as deemed best by the Elders at the time,provision will be made for individuals to become citizens of The One Nation.These individuals, who are many, will have no affiliation with an indigenousNation, but will need to be "sheltered" under the protective wings of TheOne Nation in some fashion and under certain procedures to be established bythe Elders of The One Nation. This is much like the way a citizen of anexisting country may change citizenship from one country to another orperhaps maintain a "dual" citizenship.
Perhaps the most immediate benefit of The One Nation is itsability to access International Tribunals, something most (if not all)indigenous Nations are currently unable to do. Most (if not all) of thetime, we have been forced to allow the colonizing "host" country to decidedisputes we might have with that "host" country (as when we are drawn intothe US, Canadian, Australian or other courts to resolve "sovereignty"issues, where we are almost certain to lose) (as has been the casehistorically). The One Nation will be considered an "equal" among allexisting countries of the world, with the equal ability to access a moreneutral tribunal to determine disputes over the environment, land,resources, such as water/ air, etc, This, so that we may take our rightfulplace as stewards of Mother Earth and the environment. There are manyElders who believe, who say that they "know," that The One Nation isProphesied to replace the other existing countries in the world, whosedemise is imminent. To these Elders, whose vision must be respected, if notfollowed, The One Nation is destined to be THE entity to provideorganization and stability to all of our precious Nations when the othercountries "melt away" from whatever causes. We say no more on this, butmention this for the sake of a complete, honest and open discussion of thevision in accordance with our traditional principles.
Closing Prayer
As my being walks along the plane of Mother Earth
It sends humble Great Thanks for the grandeur of your manyBlessings.
The Beauty of Your Creation radiates Your intent of Harmony,
Upon me and the Spirits walking beside me.
I humbly stand before You by virtue of Your Grace
And pray, by virtue of Your Grace, to be guided along Your pathway of
Love, Respect, Peace, Unity and Spiritual Harmony
Between and among all beings, seen and unseen.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hundreds of Indigenous Sovereign Nations who live and prosper in thetraditional ways within the current borders of Canada, the United States,Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the Caribbean have agreed to sign TheDeclaration of Sovereignty of The One Nation (being a Nation consisting ofall Sovereign Indigenous Nations of the World), by which these IndigenousSovereign Nations unite as ONE to re-assert their inherent sovereignty asONE, inviting all other Indigenous Sovereign Nations from all around theworld to join.
This "happening" was foretold in the Prophesies thousands of years ago. OnApril 20, 2008, The Algonquin Nation from Northern Quebec held a sacredceremony, at which time the traditional Elders signed the Declaration,thereby giving birth to The One Nation. The signing was done by theAlgonquin to "light the torch" to be passed along to other IndigenousSovereign Nations. The Cree followed soon thereafter. The Mi'kmaq Nationis to follow up in June of 2008 with its own signing ceremony. Two (2)Choctaw Bands have also signed. Other Nations are welcome to hold their ownceremony in their own way in their own time to effectuate their own signing.
Otherwise, the next major gathering for the purpose of signing is currentlyscheduled to take place on July 8-9, 2008, at Greenbelt Park (campground)(301-344-3944) (174 campsites available), Maryland, 12 miles North ofWashington, D.C., 2 days prior to the conclusion of The Longest Walk, whenmany Elders and Nations from around the world will be present. It is hopedthat the Dalai Lama will also be present for this sacred event. TheAustralian and New Zealand Sovereign Indigenous Nations have now begin toeffectuate their own signing across their sacred lands at their sacred"Dreamtime" sites. The torch will be passed across The Australian and NewZealand Continent at this time. This signing may take a couple of monthsto be accomplished, but it will be accomplished.
As most of you know, on September 13, 2007, the United Nations' GeneralAssembly approved the much touted United Nations' Declaration on The Rightsof Indigenous Peoples (the "UN Declaration"). Although this UN Declaration,importantly, recognizes the right of our Nations to seek self-determination,it does not, in and of itself, take the next step to advance the cause ofIndigenous Sovereign Nations around the world. The One Nation IS that nextstep, the necessary next step to lead us forward.
Again, those who know will understand that the traditional governing systemsand the traditional cultures of these Indigenous Sovereign Nations were andcontinue to be decimated by laws enacted by their "host" countries,including Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, theCaribbean and numerous others, which laws, among other things, impose false(proxy) (foreign) governments and laws on our peoples, and force our Nationsto bow before the colonizing courts to resolve inter-nation disputes withthem. This Declaration of true Sovereignty has the blessing of the Creator,the one true Law.
The creation of The One Nation "immediately" frees the Indigenous SovereignNations to re-assert their sovereignty, an inherent sovereignty granted bythe Creator to each human at birth, which was never surrendered and nevercould have been surrendered. It has taken the Indigenous Sovereign Nationsover 200 years to regroup and arrive at this crucial point in history tore-commence performing their sacred duties to care for Mother Earth, all Hercreatures, great and small (and, hence, all humans too). It is no accidentand no coincidence that the Creator has chosen this time to arrange for there-assertion of these ancient Nations. The air, the water, the land and allliving things are in danger now as never before. The One Nation is bornfrom all things positive, not from anger for past oppression and atrocitiesundeniably committed. These things are forgiven. When the colonizersarrived, as predicted in the Prophesies, our ancestors welcomed them andcared for them, as the Creator instructed, when they could not care forthemselves. They were like children sitting at our feet in need ofsustenance, which many of our ancestors gladly provided. The children grewup steadily over the course of several hundred years, only to rebel againsttheir caregivers, reacting with greed and forgetfulness of all that was donefor them and all that we tried to teach them, harming our Mother the Earthin the process. For this they must also be forgiven. The time has come,however, when these now young adults must realize and admit the error oftheir youthful and frivolous ways and turn once again to the wisdom and careof those who raised them. Unwittingly, they developed along the way thetechnological and linguistic means for all Indigenous Sovereign Nations tonow join together with one good mind and one pure heart for the good of allhumans. To keep in mind a message from Hereditary Chief Gary Metallic,Mi'Kmaq; "This Declaration must be signed by not only representing Chiefsbut also by the elders, women, men, children who will validate thelegitimacy of our new nationhood."
In conclusion, The One Nation extends an open invitation to all IndigenousSovereign Nations to join on this historic and epic peaceful path into thefuture and also to convey this all-important message to all colonizingstates: "The One Nation extends, once again, its open hand in friendship andin good faith as our gesture of our desire to continue to coexist for thebenefit and respect of all living creatures and our one true Mother, theEarth herself."
Contact Information: (Elder, Algonquin) Chief, Mi'kmaq) (Attorney, Mohawk) (Ivan Mabbett, Maori Nation & Australia/NewZealand Nations)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

[Memoirs of a Troll] No-Name Has Come!

"I Need A Home" was the subject line of the e-mail that I had just received at work from a friend and co-worker who works for the maintenance department and had found a young cat under a generator after it was moved.

I looked at the pictures of the young feline and almost immediately I wanted to respond with a triumphant "I'll take her!", but in already having two cats at home, the problem was how I would feed it, especially with today's economy which is in a recession.

I replied back that if I didn't already have a commitment to two other felines, I would gladly take her.

For the next few days I couldn't help but think about the little four-legged gal, and was wondering how I could possibly coerce my other half into letting me bring it home, and spin the reason that it would be the best for the kitten.

I was having a particularly bad week that week, and was even close to turning in my resignation because of the pressures of my home life and at work. The sad part of that realization is that I had recently performed a special task and had received all kinds of praise, even from the CEO of the company; I had finally something going to be proud of and honestly I am really looking forward to doing more of it.

After one particularly frustrating day, I spent my time fussing and complaining to our room mate about things that was going on at work, when I pulled into the driveway and heard my youngest daughter, age 6, exclaim to me, "daddy, daddy come quick. I caught something!"

I looked into her face and then into her eyes trying to detect her devious side that I'm quite used to, but she was very serious and encouraged me to 'come quick' once again.

She was holding down two sand pail buckets which she had placed one on top of the other in order to form a seal and keep whatever it was that she had 'caught' inside of it.

I parked my Jeep and opened the door, disregarding everything else except my daughter's gaze as she held the buckets down as if she was expecting gravity to suddenly reverse itself.

Fearing that she had caught one of the few creatures of mother-earths creation, one of the slithering and hissing kind, I approached the buckets slowly anticipating a quick retreat if needed.

"What did you catch?!" I asked her.

She looked me in the eye and adamantly said, "It's a kitten!"

As she opened the top pail out sprang this tiny paw complete with razor-like claws to match, then it climbed out of the bucket and into my waiting hands.

I cradled this little package in my hands and wondered how someone so young could possibly be out on its own and had survived this long.

It was just bigger than a handful, and I looked at our room mate with a quizzical look. At that very moment, nothing else mattered more than this helpless handful I was now holding; everything else was completely insignificant.

"Well, what do we do now?"

We immediately went into emergency recovery mode as we realized this young life was barely hanging on, competiting for its life against the blistering heat of Florida and lack of food or nutrients.

Honestly, we didn't expect it to last the night.

We cleaned it up as best as we could, warmed up some watered down milk and force fed it while using an eye dropper. We then tried getting some of our regular cats food, soaking it in a milk and water mixture, heating it up and making it into mush. We were incredibly happy to see it lap it up eagerly off of a paper plate.

"Well, it's a girl" our room mate said.

We prepared this little package for the night, and placed it into a box that was tall enough that she couldn't get out of. Fearing that the kitten would have a disease that could infect our other two cats, we opted to put her in the back yard in our kennel area, so that if she had somehow succeeded in getting out of the box, she couldn't get out of the kennel.

The next morning felt almost like Yule in June. We both dressed and raced to the back door to check on our little visitor to see if she lived through the night. To our incredible delight, she had.

Another day went by and our little visitor was still working with us, struggling to stay alive and coherent; she was definitely a fighter. Even when our Great Dane came up to sniff her and investigate, we were happily surprised to see her arch her back, hiss and swat the Dane on his nose.

Granted that the Dane believed that a fly had landed on his nose, but that's a different story.

On the first Saturday, we took the little girl to our vet and waited with baited breath to see if she's as healthy as she could be under the circumstances. To our delight, with only a few things that was found to be infecting her at the moment, she was so far, perfectly fine. We obtained the medications and the instructions in how to use them, and off we went with a smile on our face.

Our youngest daughter has effectively changed the kitten's name at least seven times now, and yet we all still wonder what we're going to call her. The vet wrote her down as "No-Name" which we thought was rather humorous for a kitten's name.

We like unique names for our pets, our companions and friends who walk with us on our path of life. We're also big science fiction fans and already have a cat named after a defunct program from the sci-Fi Channel.

Our guess is that we may call her the female counter-part from that very same show, and inside I laugh a little when I think of the complete name this little kitten could inherit. For now though, we call her by a variety of nicknames and sounds to get her attention, and we hope to the gods that our efforts to save this little life will be worth the effort in a long and happy life together.

Friday, May 30, 2008

[News] Stonehenge's Mystery Revealed


Radiocarbon dating of cremated bones excavated from Britain's Stonehenge have solved part of the ancient mystery surrounding the 5,000-year-old site: It was a burial ground for what may have been the country's first royal dynasty.

The new dates indicate burials began at least 500 years before the first massive stones were erected at the site and continued after it was completed, British archaeologists said yesterday. The pattern and relatively small number of the graves suggest all were members of a single family.

The findings provide the first substantive evidence that a line of kings ruled at least a portion of southern England during this early period. They exerted enough power to mobilize manpower necessary to move the massive stones from as far as 150 miles away and maintaining that power for at least five centuries, said archaeologist Mike Parker Pearson of the University of Sheffield, leader of current excavations at the site.

"It was clearly a special place at that time," he said. "One has to assume that anyone buried there had some good credentials."

Parker Pearson presented the new data yesterday at a teleconference organized by the National Geographic Society.

His findings will also appear in the June issue of National Geographic and in the television special "Stonehenge Decoded," to be shown Sunday.

Stonehenge, located on Salisbury Plain southwest of London, consists of concentric circles of massive stones, some weighing as much as 50 tons, surrounded by an earthen bank and a ditch.

Some of the stones were transported from Wales, about 150 miles away, and others were quarried about 24 miles away at Marlboro Downs. Construction began about 4,500 years ago, about the same time the pharaohs were building the Great Pyramids of Giza.

The structure is aligned with sunrise at the summer solstice, and researchers have long viewed the monument as both an astronomical observatory and a cemetery, although until now they thought the burials took place only over a relatively short period, perhaps a century.

But research over the last three years has provided a wealth of new information indicating Stonehenge is only a part of a much larger ceremonial and religious complex.

Excavations at Durrington Walls, two miles northeast of Stonehenge, revealed a village that may have had 1,000 houses.